Fatawas (2700 fatwa)

Can sihr (witchcraft, magic) kill?

#: | الإيمان بالجن والسحر والعين Read more

Is the name Zaahir one of the names of Allah?

#: | الأسماء والصفات Read more

Ruling on a Sunni woman marrying an Ismaili

#: | الأنكحة الباطلة Read more

Very Close Predictions

#: | الإيمان بالجن والسحر والعين Read more

Is man’s fate pre-destined or does he have freedom of will?

#: | الإيمان بالقضاء والقدر Read more

Do major sins cancel out good deeds?

#: | الإيمان (موضوعات عامة)ا Read more

Muslims demonstrating in support of their Palestinian brothers

#: | Alliance and Amity, Disavowal and Enmity Read more

Revelation all at Once or Gradually?

#: | The Quraan and its Sciences - General Read more

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